Frequently Asked Questions

A car that you and your family can enjoy desire and even is proud of owning it. Buying a pre- owned car can better fulfill these since it offers a wide range of cars within your planned budget.
Typically the life of a new car engine is approximately 150,000 kms*, and on average running of car in Indian Scenario is approximately 12,000/- kms* per annum. So year of registration and mileage both defines the age of the car.
New Car Depreciate quicker with high Percentage in initial years. So on pre-owned car the rate of depreciation is always much lower than the new car. This Percentage goes down subsequently, which in turns justify the buying of pre-owned cars since the depreciation is only on the cost and not on the performance.
Choice of cars in the given budget is biggest value proposition for a customer. And when a pre-owned car comes with the Top Cars assurance similar to what is available at new cars to our esteemed customers. This also allows you to upgrade to premium car to match your aspirations / status and lifestyle while remaining in your budget.
Once you decide on the budget spend time on evaluating the options. Car purchase is one of the major milestones of our life.
  • Complete Test Ride
  • Visit the showroom in day Light
  • Check whether all features are functional or not
We are happy to take you through the complete demonstration; not only once, but till you satisfy completely.
Look for signs of an accident, such as dents or new paint or chrome. Make sure the hood shuts properly. Check the body for rust or fill. Look under the car. Check for cracks in the frame, rusting or welding. Check the condition of the muffler, tailpipe and exhaust components. Look for signs of fluids leaking from the car, including oil, brake or transmission fluid. Lift the hood and check the condition of the belts and hoses. Check the battery to see if it is cracked. Pull out the dipstick to see the oil level, and whether it’s dirty. Check the parts and accessories, such as lights, horn, mirrors, seat belts, radio, heater and windows. Make sure they all work. Have a friend check the outside lights for you. Make sure doors open and close easily, and that handles and locks work well. Check the dimmer switch, headlights and windshield washer.